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NZVET mentor support

The NZVA and VCNZ, in collaboration with Massey University School of Veterinary Science and VPIS, have partnered together to provide the veterinarians of New Zealand with a mentoring support programme, NZVET Mentoring Support.

A structured mentoring programme will support new graduates as they enter the profession and will help to provide a good start to their veterinary careers. NZVET Mentoring Support replaces the previous NZVA mentoring programme that has been in place for many years.

In order to run this new mentoring program we need volunteer mentors to share their knowledge, skills and experience to help guide and enable mentees to reach their potential.  If you would like to find out more information about being a mentor or mentee please download our Mentoring Manual.

Many of us have benefited from someone to bounce ideas off, share experiences and look to for advice and support, but it’s not always easy to find the right person to talk to. This is why we have worked together to launch NZVET Mentoring Support, designed to help support career development through an online matching programme called Mentorloop.

The NZVET Mentoring Support programme will help foster supportive mentoring relationships that incorporate a structured process of goal setting with regular encouragement and guidance towards the achievement of those goals.

The aim is to provide mentees with additional personal, career and professional guidance and advice, through their relationship with an experienced mentor, supporting them on their veterinary journey.

Why be a mentor?

By being a mentor, you will gain personal satisfaction from making a difference, both professionally and personally to someone's life. You will develop professionally through the comprehensive online mentor training that is provided and you will enhance your personal skills in mentoring, listening, leadership, feedback, and management. Being a mentor is a great way to demonstrate and share your knowledge as well as giving back to the profession through voluntary service. Veterinary mentors also contribute toward CPD and peer contact activity requirements for Annual Practicing Certificates.


We have developed a high quality, engaging online mentoring training course in conjunction with Crampton Consulting Group. This course is offered free of charge to all mentors and mentees and will highlight the important features of a successful mentoring relationship and will help you understand the roles and responsibilities for both mentee and mentor. To register for the online training visit here.

Who can be a mentor for NZVET Mentoring Support?

Successful mentors don’t have to be veterinarians and can include people from outside the profession. People from a diverse range of backgrounds may have the experience and knowledge that could help support a veterinarian. If you know someone who would be interested in being a mentor for NZVET Mentoring Support, forward this email to them so they can apply too!

To enrol in the NZVET Mentoring Support programme as a mentor or mentee enrol here.

For further information about the NZVET Mentoring Support programme you can contact the Programme Coordinator:

Leanne Fecser
e: leanne.fecser@vets.org.nz
p: 04 495 1144