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Benchmarking Surveys

The Veterinary Business Branch (VBB), supported by NZVA, are partnering with BBVet (formerly known as MPV) to run a series of surveys tailored for the New Zealand veterinary profession. We know our members want access to high quality benchmarking data. VBB believe that this project contributes directly to supporting business for our members. Having good data will quite simply drive better business decisions.

  • Wage and salary survey – are you in the race?
  • Fees survey – don’t get left behind!
  • Profit and expenses survey – can you do better

Get the valid and reliable information you need to make better business decisions.

This is a great opportunity to participate in and receive benchmarking information from a series of professional independently run surveys tailored for the New Zealand veterinary profession, at a reasonable cost.

You must participate to be able to access the information.

Watch the survey demonstration we held via Zoom on the video below:

What are the surveys?

We’ll be running three surveys over the second half of this year:

  1. Wage and salary survey - June
  2. Fees survey – date TBC, September/October
  3. Profit and expenses survey - end of 2021

Key Survey Features and Benefits

  • Specifically designed -VBB have worked with BBVet to ensure that the survey structure and questions are specifically designed for the New Zealand market.
  • Personalised reports - all reports are customised for each individual participant. Your position on each surveyed item will show clearly where your practice stands compared to others.
  • Anonymous participation - all survey entries are based on the principle of sharing anonymously. No individual survey data can be accessed or viewed by other participants, nor by the sponsors (VBB/NZVA)
  • No input, no results – you must participate to access the valuable survey information and outcomes.
  • User pays - Surveys ‘user pays’ with NZVA members accessing an attractive discount
  • Valid results - a minimum of 30 individual clinics/business entities must participate in the survey to ensure both anonymity of individual businesses and relevance of benchmarking information. Feedback to date indicates that this will be comfortably exceeded.
  • Cohort groups – the survey offers the ability to “cut and dice” data based on your selection of cohorts (by size, location, type of practice etc).

How will the results be reported?

Results from all surveys will be available in two formats:

  1. Standard pdf report, similar to what has historically been offered. This is a static report, capturing a point in time. These reports will be available to purchase as a one-off, pay as you go purchase.
  2. Report package via monthly subscription. A monthly subscription includes:
  • All three surveys (wage and salary, fees, profit and expenses)
  • Downloadable pdf version of each survey
  • Online interactive graphics and ‘What If’ analysis tools for each survey

Privacy and Confidentiality

These surveys come with the assurance that your data remains confidential. Other than you and  BBVet key staff involved directly in survey operation, no one has access to survey data entered in the system. The comprehensive Terms of Use document must be accepted prior to survey access and details specifically the confidential nature of your participation.

Pricing Options ($NZD)

Single Clinic Pricing

The following prices apply to one clinic practices. Discounts of up to 60% are available for practices with multiple sites. Contact Kevin Anderson at finance.manager@vets.org.nz for discount details.

Pricing Notes:  

  • Sign up and access to the private portal and entering survey information is FREE
  • Selecting a pricing option is required to access reports
  • Prices above relate to a single practice. If you have a branch to your single practice this qualifies within this rate.
  • A premium applies to non NZVA member businesses

Option 1: Monthly Subscription

NZVA Members $59 per month | non-members $89 per month. No GST is payable.

  • Participation in ALL surveys
  • Access to online interactive graphics and ‘What If’ analysis tools
  • Downloadable PDF reports for all surveys

If you are serious about knowing how you stack up against like type/size businesses, this is the option for you. Investing in this option includes results from all surveys plus the popular interactive graphics and ‘what if’ analysis tools that enable significantly higher analysis capability.

Option 2: Pay as you go

Pay for each survey you participate in and wish to receive the results of. The cost varies for each survey. No GST is payable on these surveys.

  • Wage and salary survey - Members $260 (non-members $390)
  • Fees Survey - Members $247.50 (non-members $390)
  • Profit and Expenses Survey - Members $260 (non-members $390)
  • Standard downloadable PDF report
  • No access to online interactive graphics or analysis tools

How do I sign up?

Initial signup is free, so sign in and have a look around.

The first survey – Wage and salary survey

  • Opens 1 June 2021
  • Closes 30 June 2021
  • Reports available online mid-July 

Next Steps

  1. Visit BBVet https://portal.bbvet.net/nz/signup to sign up and select the report option you prefer 
  2. We’re holding a Zoom meeting on Monday 31 May at 12:30pm to provide further information and a full demonstration of the interactive graphics and analytical tools. Join the session by clicking on this link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83117604933
  3. An instructional video will be made available to help you optimise using the tools available
  4. For more information contact Mark Hosking, Veterinary Business Branch, email: mhosking@fvs.co.nz