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The NZVA advocates on several issues affecting the veterinary profession, including matters related to veterinary business sustainability, veterinary wellbeing and animal welfare.

Recent examples of our advocacy work for veterinary businesses and wellbeing include our concerted efforts on the current veterinary shortage.

Our recent advocacy on issues of animal welfare include the ban on tail docking in dogs, our positioning on equine dentistry, and seeking a cross-sector response to intensive winter grazing.

Key advocacy topics

Veterinary shortage

New Zealand urgently needs more veterinarians from other countries!

Restricted veterinary medicines

This advocacy section relates to the NZVA work regarding short-term and long-term actions needed to address concerns regarding veterinary authorisation and restricted veterinary medicine (RVM) procurement practices.

Intensive winter grazing

Winter grazing (including wintering on crops) is used in New Zealand pastoral farming systems to ensure animals have access to feed at a time of the year when pasture growth is limited, and pasture management is challenging.