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Advocacy and consultation


The NZVA advocates on behalf of its members on a variety of issues affecting the veterinary profession. These include veterinary business sustainability, veterinary wellbeing, and animal welfare.


The NZVA national office team manages consultation on the NZVA's positioning through the NZVA policy framework

The member consultation process was developed in response to the co-design workshops run by NZVA national office during 2018/2019. These workshops uncovered a clear member expectation for wider and more thorough consultation.

As a result, consultation pathways have been created for NZVA policy development and media responses

The national office team also facilitates consultation processes to provide member feedback on external stakeholders' work. A recent example of such consultation is our feedback to the Ministry of Primary Industries on new regulations for significant surgical procedures.

NZVA Policy Advisory Committee

The NZVA Policy Advisory Committee is a subcommittee of the NZVA Board of Directors, with a delegated authority to develop, review and approve NZVA Policies and Position Statements.

NZVA Policy Framework

NZVA positioning and member guidance on various issues is found in the NZVA policy framework. These documents set out the NZVA’s science and evidence-based positioning on issues affecting the veterinary profession, for both NZVA members and the public.