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Part-time veterinarians' NZVA member fees

Dear member,

We have received feedback from part-time members about the increase in NZVA fees for 2021, announced at the AGM in August 2020.

Here is some context about this decision – and additional information about how you may benefit from this fee increase.

1.       Why has the fee structure changed?

Some member feedback noted there were multiple different categories for the current registration fee structure. After the member consultation in 2018 and 2019, we decided to simplify the fee structure and decrease the number of categories.

As part of this change, and again after consultation, we decided that by removing separate SIB membership fees and creating a single NZVA membership fee, members could gain access to all NZVA resources. This contrasts with the previous system, where veterinarians typically only have access to one or two SIBs, which they paid for in addition to the general NZ membership. Benefits to members under the new structure will be significant. For example, being a companion animal veterinarian who also had production animal responsibilities can access resources related to both.

To enable a flat fee, we have put an incentive structure in place, to encourage business owners to pay for their staffs' membership.

NZVA membership will be extended to non-veterinary professionals in the veterinary industry, to further support their practices or veterinary related businesses.

2.       What is the change in fee structure for full-time veterinarians?

The full-time fee remains the same at $969 ($873 + $96 average SIB fee) UNLESS the employer pays for all veterinary staff (full and part time) working in a clinic. In this situation, the fee will drop to $745. This means savings of $224 per full time member. 

3.       What is the change in fee structure for part-time veterinarians?

The part-time membership fee is increasing from $539 ($443 + $96 average SIB fee) to $745 (both excluding GST). This equates to an increase of $206 per part time member.

4.       Why are part-time veterinarians paying the same as full-time veterinarians?

This is a change which has generated lots of discussion. The NZVA is increasing its overall membership to enable more benefits to be offered to members. By creating a single flat fee, we anticipate total membership numbers will increase. All members will have access to the same resources and benefits and can access them in the same way and at the same rate, hence the move towards a flat fee structure.

5.       What are the main benefits of being an NZVA member?

There are many benefits and resources available to you as a member of the NZVA.

We have daily conversations with many organisations on your behalf, such as: MPI, NZVC (NZ Veterinary Council), AEC (Animal Ethics Committee), Industry Partners and large corporate organisations such as Fonterra, government and community groups.

Recent examples of NZVA's work are:

  • the banning of tail docking on dogs (a project CAV committee members worked on with lobbying of successive Governments over a 20 year period)
  • the intense M. bovis response
  • daily COVID-19 advice during lockdown 
  • lobbying of central government to get more foreign veterinarians into New Zealand post lockdown.

Without your support of NZVA, none of this could happen.

6.       What about business owners?

The NZVA is aware many veterinarians are also small to medium business owners. We recognise there are multiple challenges that come with business ownership, and  funding all memberships in a practice is a significant cost to the business.

Therefore, the NZVA offers benefits not only to individual veterinarians, but also to the businesses that employ them:

  • We offer a loyalty reward to businesses who fund NZVA membership for all relevant staff. If 100% of veterinarians in the business are NZVA members, then ALL support staff get access to non-technical resources/CPD at member rates and don’t pay a fee. For example, if one of these team members participates in a NZVA wellbeing CPD course, the business will save at least $100. The business will benefit hugely from supporting all veteranarian staff to be members of the NZVA.
  • In addition, if the employer pays the NZVA membership fee for all veterinarians at the clinic, the full-time fee will decrease by $224 per person. This change is to encourage membership for both full and part-time veterinarians

7.       How do I find out more?

We encourage you to contact your most relevant NZVA SIB.  They are happy to talk you through some of the projects and initiatives they are working on more specifically.

The SIBs consist of a group of representative people who mostly volunteer their time and collaborate with many other groups and authorities, ensuring your voice is heard and that veterinarians influence decisions made that affect animals.

You can also contact our head office at membership@vets.org.nz.

Warm regards,

The NZVA Team