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Expand your knowledge

Lifelong learning and professional development is the cornerstone of New Zealand's world-class veterinary profession. Our goal is to help every veterinarian in New Zealand have a first-class fulfilling career through the provision of enduring career pathways.

The NZVA facilitates top quality education and continuing professional development (CPD) through VetLearn, complemented by a range of NZVA technical publications and resources, so that you can do well wherever you choose to use your skills.

World-class continuing professional development

Get exclusive member discounts on NZVA CPD. Our Education Hub gives you access to an extensive year-round CPD programme for veterinarians for any stage, specialty or preferred style of learning.

The CPD programme includes:

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Roadshows
  • VetScholar online courses (online CPD modules and courses that you can start at any time and complete at your own pace)
  • Student events
  • Webinars

All with easy online registration and payment options.

We're continuously revising and developing CPD to meet the needs or our profession, and for our future.

For example, in 2018 we introduced new world-class CPD career pathways which includes:

  • Massey University and NZVA qualifications in farm analysis and advice (Certificate in Science and Technology, Postgraduate Certificate in Science and Technology, and a Master of Veterinary Medicine or Master of Agriculture).
  • Also, in 2020 we introduced an NZVA accreditation programme to ensure that the CPD you undertake is high quality.

NZVA members also have access to CPD through talks hosted by their local NZVA regional network.

Access to MyCPD

MyCPD is a personal online space for NZVA member to record all CPD activity for easy tracking and reporting. For more information on MyCPD, please visit the MyCPD page.