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Our purpose, vision and core values

Our purpose

The New Zealand Veterinary Association's (NZVA's) core purpose is to create value for our members by providing resources and helping to build prosperous and sustainable livelihoods for veterinarians through caring for animals.

We are first and foremost here for NZVA members. We help each other, expect high standards, and promote collegiality.

The NZVA is the only membership association representing New Zealand veterinarians. We’re committed to safeguarding the high skills, continuing development and ethical standards of the New Zealand veterinary profession and helping the profession to be better recognised and valued for the unique role they play in society.

Our vision

The NZVA's vision is to be an organisation that promotes veterinarians as valued knowledge leaders on animal health and welfare.

The NZVA endorses the broad concept of One Health, which recognises that the health and wellbeing of animals, people and the environment are inseparably connected.

One Health requires a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach with professionals and colleagues from many fields including ecology, food safety, biosecurity, conservation, central and local government, iwi, industry and business – plus the support of animal owners and the public. Veterinarians therefore have an important role to play as part of and contributing to the One Health ecosystem because they are the trusted advisors on animal health and welfare for animal owners and the public.

Our core values

The NZVA is first and foremost here for our members. We help each other, expect high standards, and promote collegiality, taking time to enjoy each other’s company and have fun.

Guided by our shared vision and values, agreed purpose and common goals, our collective leadership contributes to a highly trusted, valued and progressive veterinary profession.

Our governing body integrates independent input and strong representation from our Special Interest Branches and Regional Networks to set our priorities and drive policy, standards and decision-making.

We facilitate clear career pathways and high-quality continuing professional development (CPD) to help our members build healthy careers and lives so the veterinary profession can be the best it can be.

We listen to each other and cooperate widely to understand and influence the critical issues for the veterinary profession and the wider industry.

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